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Watch & Repair Warranty Policies

General Limited Watch Warranty will service every brand name watch sold on our website for a period from 1 to 5 years.  Watches that have symptoms of abnormally gaining time, losing time, or not keeping proper time will be serviced under our warranty program. Your watch will be serviced with the presentation of proof of purchase from our site.

1.Warranty Exclusions: Justintimewatchstores stores does not cover any of the following cases under warranty:


  • External wear-and-tear from normal daily use.

  • External damage to the product. Any damages resulting from wear/tear/scratch to the watch case, crystal/glass, watch bracelet, watch bezel, straps, screws, crown/stem, finishes, clasps/buckles, watch band or any other physical damage to the watch

  • Defects caused by outside force, improper use, or ANY such incidental damages which occur by dropping or banging the timepiece.

  • Any lost/missing stones or gems on the outer portion of the watch or watch face

  • Outside modifications and third party repair or service attempts void the warranty

  • Any water or moisture damage if used under conditions which exceed the watch manufacturer’s water resistance guidelines. Watches that are labeled as water resistant featuring a screw down crown. The crown must be screwed down properly at all times to keep the watch casing from receiving water inside the stem. Water damage is not covered under warranty by nor any manufacturer.

2.Brand Warranties: As Authorized Retail Sellers, we provide the brand's manufactured warranty after purchase. For further detail on each brand's warranties, please click below to be resend to each brand manufactured warranty sites.

2.Brand Warranties: For any case were the product warranty is expired after the issue purchase date or were it can't be covered under active warranty. We provide repair/services at a cost. For inquiries, please contact us thorough phone or send us an email.

Watch & Jewelry Repair Warranty

Watch and Jewelry repairs are completed by expert jewelers and watch makers using professional equipment. Any watch overhauls are done using ultrasonic cleaning and are electronically time and adjusted. Diver's watches are pressured tested for water resistance. Overhauls are warranted for a period of one year. The warranty does not cover any watches which have been tampered, abused or any sign of water damage or rust. We are not responsible for worn or broken parts that were not replaced or serviced during and after the repair process. They are no warranties for problems resulting from accidental or customer negligence damages on external or internal watch parts. Water resistance watches once opened, it may no longer retain its water resistance. Battery service warranty only covers the battery life and does not guarantee water resistance. Customer must show proof of purchase of the service to claim warranty.

1.Watch repair limited warranty: All watch repair come with limited warranty that starts from the date that was issue the payment of the service. Battery Replacement has 1 year of warranty. Other type of watch repair has 1 year warranty unless otherwise specified. We offer optional coverage for a 5 year warranty at an additional cost. 

2.Jewelry Repairs: Any jewelry repair/service warranty is up to 60 days after issue date of the service payment. We are not responsible for any damages or worn parts that we didn't repair or replaced during  and after the repair process.

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